Dan Weil
PIQue Coaching and Strategy

 Meeting My Wisdom Companion

How do we choose to show up as leaders with the stories we carry?

Reconnecting with or discovering your “inner leader” can be a very vulnerable and intimate experience. These experiences are unique to each of us.

Essentially, it’s a guided meditation. One that I choose to hold sacred. As coaches, we are taken through the process and become equipped to guide others through this as well.

I found it to be powerfully grounding and inspiring.

Stepping into deep vulnerability, I wanted to share my experience with you.

Why? My hope is that it will be of service to you. If you’re wondering, this was a 100% natural experience, unaided by any medicinals.

Here we go. Imagine a deep meditation; your breath slowed down. And at the moment when you open up, you are transported. Here is where I met my “inner leader,” or my “Wisdom Companion” – a part of myself that is an anchoring guide. My experience went like this:

A soothing, cool evening ocean breeze gently moves over an isolated, small beach at this private little cove. To the left, naturally thick tropical foliage and a tall mountain in the distance — silhouetted against the twilight sky. At the bridge between day and night, this intimate place opens itself up to the Universe in the approaching night sky—the Earth’s harmonic low vibrations, ever pulsing and present.

I see myself sitting quietly on the beach sand at a small campfire, my body well planted at my seat, my hands, and my feet deeply in the sand, searching for a connection to the Earth. My energy seeks connection, affirmation, and something much bigger than myself.

In front of me, the sun’s last daytime colors give way to twilight colors and moonlight in a breathtaking dance in the sky, at the horizon, over the reflections of gentle ocean waves as they gently lap at the sand.

As the sky darkens, the glow of the campfire extends light playfully, softly around. I’m now calm, slowed down, and present in the moment. From my open heart, I invite my “Wisdom Companion” forward to meet, to be acknowledged, and to be with each other.

Up from the shallow water nearby and walking toward me comes warmth, love, wisdom, “knowing,” and acceptance. An endless flowing stream of energy, strings of bright white, blue, orange, and yellow sparkling all along their way — all of this embodied in and flowing through an extraordinarily beautiful pacific island man wrapped in a sarong. His arms are outstretched wide, and that sparkling energy flow travels up from his feet, through his legs, into his body through his heart, outward through his outstretched arms, and outward from his fingertips. His expression emits warmth, love, acceptance, and knowing. My heart and nervous system light up, and it’s immediately earth-moving for me.

I sink into calmness. It’s okay.

This was an experience of total unconditional acceptance and love.

I’ve never been to a pacific island, and I have no tangible life experience with this. For me, that makes this even more extraordinary to know that this deeply personal moment happened.

So, what’s available to me now after this experience? What of THIS story do I carry with me and share with others?