Hugely successful public figures from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman to Bill Gates all work extensively with a life coach. But why? In my experience there are 6 factors that bring high achieving people to coaching. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet (formerly CEO of Google) said: “everyone needs a coach.” I don’t agree. While there May be several factors that bring successful people to coaching, there are also good reasons why certain people should not hire a coach. Let’s start with these….

….And now for the factors that bring high achieving people to coaching.

Why To Hire A Coach

Something wonderful has happened

Change, even for “the better” can be exciting and challenging, terrifying and disorientating. A decision in one area of your life inevitably causes ripples in others. A new job, for instance, could affect your health, relationships, where you live and how you spend your free time.

Transitions often challenge us to re-examine our sense of who we are or the capabilities we’ve taken for granted. It can be painful to let go of what you know, especially if you feel you “should” be incredibly happy and you aren’t. Working with the right coach can help you examine the constructs and inner worlds you’ve created in the past.